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Team Leader - Accompagnement au Changement & Motion Design

Continuous adoption of Office 365 and Windows 10

An offer to better understand the positioning of tools and their uses.

Mobilizing an ambassador network

Setting up an ambassador network is an essential tool when rolling out key projects within a company that aims to support its users as closely as possible in their daily lives and working habits.

Process harmonization

Module-based support, from process design to implementation, to identify efficiency gains in existing processes, to align with constantly changing uses and to co-construct a process that meets business and organizational needs.

Governance of collaborative uses with Office 365

Understand the issues within businesses and operational teams to provide the right level of services, while focusing both presentation and communication around uses, with specific, real-life use cases.

O365 Game: which tool, which uses?

A game box dedicated to discovering Office 365 in a playful context to enhance understanding, useful when working with ambassador networks, integrating new recruits, or developing employees’ skills.

Fast Start Teams

Start with a quick and easy offer that helps users to become independent on the most frequent use cases, without overloading the IT team.

Live Event Support

A few days to help you quickly and easily organize a live and remote communication channel for your employees.

Organize a town hall with Teams

A few days to help you quickly and easily organize your town halls remotely.

Outlook signature management with Letsignit

Renforcez votre communication, et votre image de marque en gérant vos signatures Outlook et bannières marketing de façon centralisée avec Letsignit.

Skillisy e-learning

Boost Office 365 adoption with Skillisy, our adoption platform based on gamification and adaptive learning that automates learning and provides users with effective Office 365 suite support.

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Office 365 Adoption Chatbot

The SkillisyBot allows you to provide access to video content directly from your Teams interface to assist your users in their use of Microsoft Office 365 tools.

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